What Is A Chemical Analyzer In Sims 4?

Where is the chemical analyzer in the secret lab?

The Chemical Analyzer is in the Redacted Secret Lab.

You can see in the picture in the guide above, under the heading “Spore Profile Data”, a sim using it..

How do you analyze spores in Sims 4?

The infection scanner allows you to remove spores in Sims 4 Strangerville. When you go to the area with them, you need to select the scanner in your inventory, then select ‘Scan Area’, which reveals the Spore Clusters that are near you. You can then pick them up.

What is the name of the secret lab in The Sims 4?

Normally its name is simply “The [Black Blank] Lab” like this.

Where is the evidence for StrangerVille Sims 4?

You can find evidence all over town. You don’t have to wait until the clues respawn in the Secret Lab so start digging around in the library or ask scientist, military or conspiracy theorists. Take photographs of a plant and the door to the secret lab to obtain one piece of evidence.

How do you get shots in Sims 4?

In order to make a vaccine we can test, we are going to need 5 Spore Clusters and 1 Bizarre Fruit. Each, and we’ll need at least 6 or 7 of them. I did 15 spores to start and 15 later.

What is a secret dossier Sims 4?

Get to 15, and you only need to click the evidence in your inventory to make a Dossier. With this in hand, you can head to the conspiracy shop to buy a Lab Key Card for $250 (under Secret Inventory). You can also attempt to convince a Scientist or Military Sim to give you one for free, with the Dossier in hand.

What is the StrangerVille mystery?

Presented by EA Game Changers In the StrangerVille Mystery story, your Sim discovers that the residents of StrangerVille are being affected by a disturbing illness and must follow the clues to uncover the source of the disease and destroy it.

Where is the chemical analyzer in Sims 4?

Once players have gathered 15 Spore Clusters, they will be able to use the Chemical Analyzer on the second floor of the secret lab, to construct the Infection Profile Data. This infection Profile Data will be very useful to any Scientist around StrangerVille.

How many Sims do you need to fight mother plant?

To battle with the Mother, played Sim must prepare a successful vaccine, drink it, and apply it on 3 more Sims and ask them to join in a battle against the Mother. Before the battle, the player can also prepare a few additional vaccines, which can be used as a weapon.

How do you meet Kodama in Sims 4?

Encounter a Kodama or Forest Spirit The first is to go to the small rock climbing wall that is located to the left of the bunny slope on the mountain and do some practice sessions to gain the skill.

Where is curio shop in Sims 4?

The Curio/Conspiracy Shop You’ll find this little place right next to the crashed plane, along the road. If you like, you can purchase a tin-foil hat from them but it is merely cosmetic.

How do I start StrangerVille?

To get started, you’ll need to talk to five people while within StrangerVille and use the special “Talk About StrangerVille” social interaction. It’s likely to pop up on the pie menu even if you haven’t introduced yourself yet.

How do you get StrangerVille aspiration?

To gather these pieces of evidence you need to go to the secret lab which is located inside the crater at the top of the strangerville world map. You’ll be able to click on different piles of papers and folders and boxes and search through these piles and the pieces of evidence will appear in your inventory.