Quick Answer: How Do You Kill A Mother Plant?

Where are spore clusters Sims 4?

These Clusters can be found by using an Infection Scanner, something which is issued to every Military Personnel in StrangerVille.

So players should head to the Local Bar and start questioning them about Spores in the Secret Lab.

Players can obtain a scanner from any of the Military Personnel, in a few different ways..

What happens if you revive the mother plant?

Reviving the Mother Plant. … As plants disappear after you save StrangerVille, you will need to head to the Curio to buy the fruit. Once you’ve revived her, you can communicate normally with her without being possessed, and build up a relationship that way. She’s receptive after she’s been put in her place.

What is a secret dossier Sims 4?

Get to 15, and you only need to click the evidence in your inventory to make a Dossier. With this in hand, you can head to the conspiracy shop to buy a Lab Key Card for $250 (under Secret Inventory). You can also attempt to convince a Scientist or Military Sim to give you one for free, with the Dossier in hand.

How many Sims do you need to fight mother plant?

To battle with the Mother, played Sim must prepare a successful vaccine, drink it, and apply it on 3 more Sims and ask them to join in a battle against the Mother. Before the battle, the player can also prepare a few additional vaccines, which can be used as a weapon.

How do I start StrangerVille?

To get started, you’ll need to talk to five people while within StrangerVille and use the special “Talk About StrangerVille” social interaction. It’s likely to pop up on the pie menu even if you haven’t introduced yourself yet.

How do you solve StrangerVille?

How to find pieces of evidence and collect the KeycardTake pictures. … Plant bugs on local Sims, Scientist or Military. … Go around the Secret Lab searching for piles with documents. … Hack into lab computers (requires programming skill level 3) … Search the library. … Befriend scientists, military or conspiracy theorists.Feb 24, 2019

What is the secret in StrangerVille Sims 4?

Strangerville’s Secret The vaccine is five spore clusters and one bizarre fruit. You can buy bizarre fruit from the curio shop or nurture a bizarre plant and then harvest the fruit when it pops open. Once you’ve made the vaccine and are cured, you should be able to continue without any issues.

Can you play StrangerVille without the story?

If you move into StrangerVille and just want to live a normal life, you can do that without us trying to force you into the story or remind you that it’s there.

How do Sims become possessed?

Drinking a bizzare fruit juice will also result in a sim becoming possessed. Upon creating a batch of bizarre fruit juice, it will have a default description that says “this fizz feels strange”. The Sim will then twist and contort few times, creepy music will play, and their emotion will change into possessed.

How do you beat mother plant?

When fighting The Mother, you will have several options available to you:Group Commands… Be Careful! … Throw Infection Vaccine. Your Sim uses a vaccine in their inventory and deals damage to The Mother.Mega Spray. Your Sim deals more damage to The Mother.Retreat. You and your allies forfeit the fight.Feb 25, 2019

How do you beat StrangerVille in Sims 4?

ObjectivesTalk to Sims about StrangerVille.Examine the door at the Secret Lab.Collect evidence at the Secret Lab.Collect 15 pieces of evidence around StrangerVille.Compile a Secret Dossier.Give Dossier to a Scientist, Military Personnel, or a Curio Shop Owner.Open the door at the Secret Lab.Feb 25, 2019

What happens if you eat the bizarre fruit?

If you decide to eat the Bizarre Fruit, what happens is that you’ll become possessed and become one of the infected that you see in Strangerville. This buff lasts about three hours, and you can’t really do much other than talk to others with strange communication options and run around like a total weirdo.