Quick Answer: Can I Move Games From One Origin Account To Another?

An EA Account can only have one of each platform account linked at a time.

Instead, you’ll need to create a new EA Account to link to your additional platform accounts.

If you try to link additional accounts, you’ll get a message that says Linked accounts found..

Can I transfer my Sims 4 game to another computer?

You can easily transfer your Sims 4 expansion pack to another computer just by copy the Sims4 game Folder and Paste it in your new Computer. When you open your game then you will see the Saved Game.

How do I transfer my Sims 4 account to another origin account?

Log in with your EA Account and choose “Origin” as product, your platform, “Manage my account” as topic and “Transfer between accounts” and describe your issue to see all available contact options.

Can you share games between origin accounts?

Games cannot be shared using Origin, only the account that the game is linked to can be used to play the game.

Can you install Sims 4 on multiple origin accounts?

You cannot “share” or register a game more than once on Origin, so no from that perspective. However, you can install the game on multiple computers using one Origin account.

Can I merge 2 origin accounts?

You cannot move your games or personas to another account yourself. If you decide you really want to merge your accounts, you’ll have to contact us to do that. When you talk to one of our advisors, we’ll make sure there’s no better way to solve this for you.

Can you gift Origin games?

Send the gift of games and downloadable content (DLC) to your friends and family on Origin. Choose the game or DLC in Origin that you’d like to send to a friend or family member, and we’ll send it right to their Game Library.

How do I transfer games from one origin account to another?

Re: Can I transfer game from one origin account to another (Both in my name) It is not possible to transfer games from one account to another. Each game has a single license for one account only.

Can Microsoft family share games?

You will need to create a family group for your Microsoft account and each user will need their own Microsoft account. Once the family group is created you then simply need to login to the PC as the user you want to share the game with and open the Microsoft Store to download the game.

Can I play Origin games on two computers?

While Origin can only run on one computer at a time, you can access your EA Account from as many computers as you want, and even jump between PC and Mac. You’ll also be able to access your cloud saves from any computer that matches the platform you originally saved them on (PC/Mac).

Can you play the same Sims game on different computers?

Yes, you can play the same save on multiple computers, but you’ll need to manually copy over your save. Your user data is located in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4: saves are in the saves folder, saved households and builds in the Tray folder, etc.