Question: Is Mute Protocol Fixed?

Is mute a good operator?

Mute is a good operator to use if you are on the struggle bus for the game.

His gun is easy to control and he also has a good secondary and a good gadget that is also passive..

Why was mute Protocol removed?

The M.U.T.E Protocol Event has been temporarily deactivated after the discovery of an exploit. We are working on a fix and hope to deliver it very soon. The event and Club Challenges will be extended once the fix is out. We will update everyone as soon as we have more to share!

What is the mute protocol?

In MUTE Protocol, Mute has taken over the Tower and has sinister plans in store, so the Attacking team must attempt to reclaim control while the Defenders mobilize to secure their position. All Operators will be able to use the new movement mechanic, which digitizes their bodies whenever they use observation tools.

Can you get banned for glitching in Rainbow Six Siege?

Yes, you can get banned from using and exploiting known glitch. It is treated as cheating by Ubisoft, I just don’t know how they go about it exactly.

What is the new Siege event?

Ubisoft has announced in-person Rainbow Six Siege tournament that will take place in Paris, France. Six Invitational 2021 will feature top 20 teams that will compete against each other from February 9 to February 21. For its fifth edition, the #SixInvitational will be held in Paris, France!

Will mute protocol come back?

The M.U.T.E Protocol event is back! Please restart to ensure all the nuts and bolts are in place. Ubisoft originally stated that it would be extending the event challenges once the event returned. However, “due to technical limitations,” challenge progression will be reset and reintroduced later today.

What was the mute protocol glitch?

The M.U.T.E. Protocol limited-time mode lets operators use their gadgets to teleport around the map. … The teleportation mechanic gave rise to a severe exploit that allowed operators to become both invisible and invulnerable. Once the glitch arose, players were quick to replicate it.