Can You Call EA Support?

How long does it take for EA support to respond?

72 hoursDepending on how busy the lines are you can expect a callback or chat within an hour or so and for TOS the time frame is generally 72 hours..

How do I get my EA account back?

How to get ahold of usClick Contact Us at the top of any page on EA Help.Select Origin.Choose any platform.Select Manage my account for the Topic and Can’t log in for the Issue.Click Select contact option.Tell us your name and your email address, then click Next.Feb 2, 2021

What time is EA live chat available?

Re: EA live chat wait times In North America, the best hours are 10AM through 6PM, Mondays to Fridays, and the worst times are after 10PM and on weekends.

How do I report a problem to FIFA 21?

Tweet @EAHelp for problems with your FIFA account. Join the Answers HQ community to get help from other players. Talk to one of our advisors via phone, chat, or email by clicking Contact Us on any EA Help page.

How do I complain to EA about FIFA 21?

Re: File a complaint about fifa 21 an WA access Hey @xILUIK3x if you wish to leave a complaint then you can speak with one of our phone or chat support advisers who will be able to advise you further. You can contact our live support at Finally, you can choose to begin a chat or request a call back.

Why is my EA account ineligible?

Re: Account Ineligible (XBOX) Normally that means that gamertag is already linked to another EA account. I recommend you contact an advisor for help with this. Try opening a case here: or contact @EAHelp on Twitter. They can let you know if that gamertag is already linked to an account.

Why is my PSN account ineligible for EA?

The ineligible message happens when you try to link a PSN ID that is already linked to another EA account.

How Do I Live chat with EA support?

Re: Where do I find EA Live Chat? Click on the following link: Make sure that you’re signed in and select your country by clicking on the flag in top left corner and picking your country from the list. Enter the name of your game (in your case it will be Origin) and click Next.More items…

How do I report a problem with EA?

On the web. From EA Help, you can report a bug or give feedback by clicking Contact Us, choosing a game and platform, then selecting the Report a bug category. Depending on your game, we might direct you to Answers HQ or ask you to email us.

What is EA email address?

To request access, please contact….United States & CanadaPostal AddressElectronic Arts Inc. Privacy Policy Administrator 209 Redwood Shores Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065 United StatesEmail Addressdpo@ea.comPhone NumberFax Number

How do I change my EA email?

To Update Email on EA account:Go to and log in.Click the avatar on the menu bar. … Select the About Me tab.Click Edit beside “Basic Information.”Click Edit next to: … Answer your security question or enter your Login Verification code to confirm your identity, then change away!

Why does it say my EA account is invalid?

Re: Invalid account You need to go to, log in with you information (same as orgin). once in check to see if your persona is selected for you PSN account, probably the same for XBox. If nothing is selected then select the one for you system. Restart your game and you should be good.